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Some comments from students who have attended one of our four-day training courses:

I felt very supported throughout my training and knew if I had any questions or concerns I could contact my trainer.

I feel very well prepared and confident.

The trainer was very enthusiastic during the course and set out clearly what to do to complete the certification process to become a CIMI.

I am very excited about moving forward and facilitating the baby massage classes, I gained lots of confidence during the practical sessions.

The training was delivered really well and has given me strong foundations for my career as a CIMI.

I felt the trainer was very knowledgeable and supportive during my studies.

I feel the IAIM training course has really comprehensively prepared me for running infant massage classes. I now feel confident in facilitating the IAIM baby massage classes.

The trainer supported me throughout the training.

I feel very well prepared and have gained lots of knowledge about the background of baby massage and the importance of positive touch and how this can have such an effect on babies development and well being.

I feel very well supported and my trainer answered any questions after the training very quickly and informatively.

My trainer spoke with passion and enthusiasm about baby massage and positive nurturing touch.

I feel totally prepared to facilitate a class and was very well supported by my trainer during the exam process to become certified.

The trainer was very supportive and always warm and enthusiastic throughout the 4 day training.

Great enjoyable and thorough training.

The training has really inspired me! I’m so excited to get started and setting up my own business within baby massage.

I have really enjoyed the course and have gained so much more than I thought I would from the theory, research and facilitating the classes.

I felt very well supported and had good communication at all times with my trainer.

Overall an excellent course and would definitely recommend it to others.

Excellent support from our trainer who is passionate about the IAIM programme.